The ‘forgotten’ victims of violence

Plan is part of organizing a side-event[1] to the 20th session of the Human Rights Council on Thursday 21 June, cosponsored by the Nordic countries. The event is titled, “Children, the indirect victims of violence against women”. The objective is to expose child rights violations (particularly article 3; article 18; article 19; article 27 of the UN CRC) when children witness violence and raise the awareness on the long and short term consequences of violence against women and children.  In addition, all Nordic countries will issue a joint statement regarding violence against women.

This side event is an important step toward increasing the understanding of the effects on children witnessing violence.  Ultimately, the devastating effects of violence against women are generally recognized, however far less is known about the impact on children who witness a parent or caregiver being subjected to violence. These children – the ‘forgotten’ victims of violence – are the focus of the side event. Children who are exposed but not direct victims of violence have some of the same behavioural and psychological problems as children who are themselves physically abused. Several studies also reveal that children who witness violence are more likely to be affected by violence as adults – either as victims or perpetrators.[2]


[1] With the Working Group on Children and Violence (WG-CAV) of the International Action for Child Rights (formerly NGO Group for the CRC)

[2] Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, ‘World Report on Violence against Children’ (October 2006)


Objective:      Raise – awareness on the situation of children exposed to violence against women

In particular:

–    Expose the various children’s rights violations when children are exposed to violence (article 3; article 18; article 19; article 27 of the UN CRC);

–    Illustrate the short – and long – term consequences of violence against women on children

–    Promote the respect, protection and fulfillment of the rights of the child, without any form of discrimination;




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